The PerfectPipe®

Experience True Filtration

No Cough - No Burn - Clean & Cool

The PerfectPipe®

Eliminates Burning Particulates! - High THC/CBD Delivery!

"I am SO IMPRESSED. IMO this has "Genius Pipe" beat by far. I have not coughed, my flower tastes good, nice and smooth. I'm very impressed. I have spent a fortune on vaporizers and while I know this is a pipe and what the difference is, I really like this better. Thanks for creating this, and thank you for making it affordable. I might be your biggest fan at the moment. It lasts longer too, another plus. Thanks for this nifty gadget, you guys rock." - Lori

Do You Want To Stop Coughing?
Do you want High Extraction of Cannabinoids?
Do you want to enjoy the best tasting smoke Ever?

Use the PerfectPipe®, follow the Golden Rules &
Experience Smoking Perfection!

Golden Rules of Smoking Smart
*Hint: Do Not Inhale while lighting*
Take Short Puff's like a cigar

Gentle - Light Gently & Remove Flame!
Easy - Controlled Draw - 4 to 6 hits per bowl
Filter - Use a New Filter with Each Bowl

Use Ground up Herb
Pack it Tight - Burn it Slow


Smoke Smart!


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