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The Science of Smoking Cannabis
What's Healthy and What's Not?

In recent decades, cannabis smokers have drifted away from rolling joints to using glass pipes, bongs and water pipes of all kinds.   Which is better?   What do they really remove?

And what about those new metal cooling pipes that claim a healthier smoke?

What does science reveal about Fire, Cooling the Smoke, Screens, Bowl design & other factors?

Information below is based on cannabis smokers reaching their specific desired level of cannabinoids and the level of harm incurred in doing so.   The top 3 noted with * *

Cannabis Smoking

A recent study confirmed that people who only smoke cannabis, are not getting cancer of the lungs. Yet, people are experiencing varying amounts of harm based on their smoking methods and techniques.

It's not uncommon to see cannabis smokers using bacteria infested moldy pipes and similar devices with no screen or filtration! Chunks of hot burning material and particulates enter the mouth, throat and lungs leaving devastation in their wake. Many are experiencing respiratory damage and conditions including chronic bronchitis, frequent coughing, excessive phlegm production, wheezing, chest congestion, and more.

An increasing number of people are smoking cannabis to treat their health conditions. Harmful smoking methods increase harm to already damaged immune systems and many have serious lung conditions like COPD. Reduction of smoke toxins and particulates is a huge issue for patients who only get pain reduction or other symptomatic relief by smoking cannabis.

Are water pipes or metal cooling pipes the answer? What do they really remove? The answer may surprise you!

What about the common roll your own Joint?

To answer these questions, we must first examine 8 scientific factors that bear directly on this subject.
Lets call them puzzle pieces.

I. Fire Kills Cannabinoids on Contact

All flames destroy Desired Elements on Contact!
All Cannabinoids/Terpenes/Flavonoids are vaporized between 125°F & 500°F. (see chart) These are volatile elements, which means, they are destroyed easily with higher temperatures. What temperature kills? Scientists theorize that cannabinoids are destroyed at only a few hundred degrees above their vaping temp. Let's say for the sake of argument, that when heated to 1000°F, they are all destroyed. What do you think direct contact with a Flame does? Lighters, matches, wicks, torch lighters; have flame temperatures that vary from 2000°F to 3500°F. True, a wick flame is cooler than a torch lighter, yet it's more about technique than the temperature of the flame. Even a candle can get above 2500°F.

Holding the flame to the smoking material while inhaling is counterproductive because you are destroying the elements you want to preserve. Fire abuse is the biggest killer of Cannabinoids! Remove the Flame!

Make it a habit to never inhale when lighting up or anytime you apply the flame.

*Avoiding fire abuse increases desired elements thereby reducing smoke toxins & particulates inhaled to reach your specific desired level of cannabinoids.*

The First piece of the puzzle is; Avoid Fire Abuse!

II. Bowl Design

How does the bowl shape and design affect extraction and harm? Traditional tobacco pipes have cylindrical shaped bowls that are packed with special pipe tools. This allows tobacco pipe smokers to burn the tobacco slowly, to extract flavors without destroying them. Why do cannabis smokers use half round or V shaped bowls that don't pack & don't accept screens? Who knows, but they have permeated the industry.

The reason a bowl design, which facilitates both firm packing of the herb and precise draft control, is so important when smoking cannabis, is because a hard draw increases the temperature significantly killing tremendous amounts of your desired elements. A Fire Free Slow Draw extracts desired elements at a very high rate with gentle heat release.

The bowl shape does matter. The proper lighting technique for a Fire Free Slow Draw, only works if the bowl design allows the herb to be packed and burned slowly with the fire removed. A cylindrical shaped bowl works best for firm packing. Grinding up your herb is highly recommended for high rate extraction.

A bowl design that can retain a screen is critical for (1)firm packed draft control for high rate extraction and (2)containment for full extraction. Without a screen, it just doesn't work. The Patented PerfectPipe® Bowl retains a screen and is designed to optimize extraction.

*Slow draw high rate extraction is the second area discussed so far that reduces smoke toxins & particulates inhaled to reach your specific desired level of cannabinoids.*

The Second piece of the puzzle is; Bowl Design that promotes a Fire Free Slow Draw!

III. Screens

The purpose of a screen is to contain the burning material in the bowl where it belongs for complete extraction of desired elements. A screen will reduce the size of the burning particulates inhaled, and yet, when using just a screen alone, you will burn your throat, possibly leading to chronic throat infections, and you still inhale the ash and burning particulates that make it through the screen.

Most people are not even using a screen in their pipes allowing even larger burning chunks to do their damage. Today's Glass Pipes were not designed to retain a screen, with the exception of the PerfectPipe®. Screens should be Stainless Steel to prevent melting and dangerous degassing associated with brass screens. Stainless Steel Screens are very durable and do not need to be changed often.

The screen plays a huge roll in being able to control the drafting when the herb is firm packed. As mentioned earlier, a screen is essential to achieve high rate extraction of desired elements.

The Third piece of the puzzle is; a Stainless Steel Screen!

IV. Micro Fiber Filter

Research shows that we inhale 2 to 3 times the amount of TAR (Total Aerosol Residue) when smoking without a filter and these studies did not even measure burning particulates!

Using simple micron filtration in stages is crucial to eliminating burning particulates which cause severe damage to the mouth, throat and lungs! Using a micro fiber filter also significantly reduces heat & ash. As noted above, even if your smoking device has a screen of some type, a screen alone is not enough, you need both! Adding a micro fiber filter results in huge reduction of harm. The trick is to get the vaporized desired elements through the filter above their vapor/boiling temperature, which we now know can be done with the right configuration.

When you use the PerfectPipe®, with a Fire Free Slow Draw, desired elements pass through the clean filter above their vaping temp to you. And now, there are no burning particulates inhaled, which is huge in harm reduction science.

*The Micro Fiber Filter is now the third area in which we see significant decrease in harm while reaching your specific desired level of cannabinoids. The micro fiber filter results in cool, flavorful, powerpacked hits. To see how much a micro fiber filter prevents from entering your lungs, take a look at how dirty the filter gets from just one bowl of use.* (see picture)

The Forth piece of the puzzle is; a Micro Fiber Filter!

Cotton Filters
Some ask about using cotton filters? Loosely packed cotton, used in some devices, does not block particulates. Testing shows that "roll your own" cotton filters absorb desired elements at a high rate and clog very fast resulting in huge loss of desired elements. The ideal filter is one that provides sufficient micron filtration with minimal absorption of the desired elements. Cellulose acetate filters do this well. Ours are sourced from Italy for high quality and purity.

V. Cleaning

Pipes get mold and bacteria growing inside them. Not using a screen allows unburned organic material to lodge inside the pipe resulting in mold. And of course, there are lots of particulates stuck to the resin inside the pipe, making a filthy mess. Moisture and saliva mix in with the mess increasing bacteria growth.

You cannot see inside many smoking devices, making it easy to ignore this serious health risk. Some pipe smokers do not clean their pipes often or thoroughly. To be honest, the shape of most smoking devices are just Not Cleaning Friendly.

Using cleaning chemicals is risky since they can be absorbed into the resin that is left behind in corners or places you cannot see, causing additional harm by inhaling harmful chemicals. You must be able to clean your pipe completely! Using Clear glass, or partially clear, allows for visual inspection so you can be sure it's clean.

It would be best if all smoking devices were designed so that all inside surfaces can be reached with a brush.
All PerfectPipe® kits come with a simple cleaning system & they clean up like new forever.

The Fifth piece of the puzzle is; Cleaning Friendly Devices!

VI. Heat and Burn Damage

The heat entering the mouth when smoking with an unfiltered pipe is severe. Handheld portable smoking devices; Glass Pipes, Metal Pipes, One Hitters, Chillums, Bats, Sneakatokes, whatever the name, have two things in common; they are all too small to effectively cool the smoke and provide no protection.

Some Tobacco pipe smokers get cancer of the tongue and throat. Continued burn damage is a factor in this problem. Did you know that tobacco pipe smokers don't draw hard or inhale the smoke?

Cannabis pipe smokers typically draw harder, and inhale deeply, which significantly increases heat and respiratory harm. Using a screen is helpful in reducing the size of burning particulates inhaled, but it's just not enough by itself. Adding a second level of smaller micron filtration helps to significantly reduce heat and burn damage due to the elimination of burning particulates & heat reduction of gases as they pass through the filter. It is also very important for cannabis smokers to utilize a Fire Free Slow Draw to reduce heat entering the mouth and at the same time extract higher levels of their desired elements. Keep it cool!

The Sixth piece of the puzzle is; avoid Heat & Burning!

Some will say "That's What Water Is For!"   Let's now examine this issue.

VII. Water Filtration

What have scientific studies shown to be actually removed by water?
Studies show that water filtration results in extreme loss of THC/CBD/Terpenes/etc., but does not remove the harmful elements that many have claimed it does.

First, gaseous bubbles passing through water is not true filtration. A more appropriate term is "water scrubbing" since only the particulates and toxins at the outer edges of the bubbles have even the possibility of being removed. Science shows that particulates/toxins tend to bounce off of the inside of the bubble walls and are highly resistant to water absorbtion.   They stay in the bubble!   Water scrubbing is very inefficient in removing particulates and toxins.

Some say that THC is not water soluble and therefore cannot be removed by the water. They are partly correct, water scrubbing is not responsible for the removal of the THC. So what scientific factor is responsible for the THC loss? And, why is THC removed at a much higher rate than toxins or ash? (continue reading)

Secondly, water does cool the smoke very well, and, this is the heart of the problem! Water scrubbing easily removes VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds include flavors, cannabinoids, etc. that vaporize at low temperatures). How? By cooling & condensing them out of the vapor stream and on top of the water or other surfaces. What does that mean?

Lets break this down a little more. Cannabinoids/Terpenes/Flavonoids vaporize between 125°F & 500°F.
THC vaporizes at 315°F. (see chart) Water reduces the temperature of your Desired Elements well below their vaping/boiling temperatures. Your desired vaporized elements then return to their liquid/oil state, drop out of the vapor stream and settle onto surfaces. This is called condensation. The amount of condensation loss is relative to the level of cooling exposure. Larger more efficient water scrubbing devices which utilize more bubblers and diffusers will result in complete removal of your desired elements!

On top of it all, many water pipes are not cleaned often or thoroughly enough resulting in serious mold and bacteria concerns. Bacteria in bongs can produce biofilm that is antibiotic resistant. Those with weakened immune systems and autoimmune diseases are especially vulnerable to these serious health risks.

Water filtration fools people into thinking it's better because it cools the smoke, when it's actually significantly increasing lung harm, immune system damage & toxins in the blood. Bong users are inhaling extremely higher levels of ash and toxins to reach their specific desired level of cannabinoids.

Repeated bong abuse has resulted in chronic cyclic vomiting episodes and emergency room visits.
In this writers humble opinion, the Bong is the most harmful smoking method used today!

The Seventh piece of the puzzle is; Never Use Water!

Here are additional articles to support these findings.
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VIII. Charcoal

What does Charcoal remove?
Studies show that, just like water, Charcoal removes the good stuff more than the bad. Charcoal is very slow at absorption to start with, so very little gets absorbed from gasses passing by the charcoal. On top of that, the elements that Charcoal absorbs more easily are the elements you don't want removed, Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids. For the sake of argument, lets say that charcoal does reduce some toxins; with cannabis smoke, the oily resins condense on the charcoal quickly coating and sealing it, thereby stopping any possible absorption rendering the charcoal useless, yet it will continue to condense out desired elements.

So why does charcoal appear to be making the smoke less harsh in the opinion of some? Because turbulence reduces heat, just like the herb in a joint, making you think it is doing something good. The heat reduction results in desired elements condensing onto the charcoal, thereby increasing the particulates and toxins inhaled while reaching your specific desired level of cannabinoids.

The Eighth and final piece of the puzzle is; Just say no to Charcoal.

Metal Cooling Pipes

There are some new aluminum pipes on the market that claim to cool and filter. (Genius & Journey, up to now) They have very persuasive websites. Well, they do cool, but filter they do not! They don't have a filter, just a screen (or similar) to stop large chunks. By now you probably already have figured out that if these metal cooling type pipes cool the smoke below desired elements vaping temperature, they will remove your desired elements. That is exactly what they do when you draw slowly, which is what the manufacturer says you should do or else you will be eating sparks and heat. These pipes do not block burning particulates or ash! They fool you by cooling, just like the bong does, when what they are really doing is removing your desired elements causing you to inhale more bad stuff. Drawing hard enough to overcome the the condensing out of desired elements, results in even more harm by driving burning particulates deep into the lungs. Cooling based metal pipes are not smart!

The Joint

"Rolled in paper" joint smokers see the bulk of their ash fall away and burning particulates are reduced by passing through the length of herb. The common joint, without using a filter, has been shown to reduce harmful factors and deliver higher levels of your desired elements, compared to all other smoking methods tested. Of course, they did not have the PerfectPipe® to test. The common unfiltered joint is smarter to smoke than fancy unfiltered pipes, water pipes or bongs!

Don't bother trying to put a filter on a joint. It does remove THC just like you were told! Turns out it was not a myth, it is science. The cannabinoids must be kept above vaping/boiling temperature to get them through a filter. The length of herb in a joint cools the smoke enough to start condensing cannabinoids onto the herb and paper before they get to the filter. The filter will clog up with cannabinoids/THC from the very first hit and it goes straight downhill from there. When smoking with an unfiltered joint, your desired elements that get deposited/condensed on the herb and paper are re-vaporized and inhaled to some degree as you smoke down the length of the joint. This recovery cannot take place with desired elements trapped in a filter. And, the filter increases it's rate of removal of desired elements as the joint gets shorter and the filter becomes more clogged. Joints without micron filters is best.

The common unfiltered joint would be this writers second choice of smoking method.


The PerfectPipe® incorporates all of the above science into a very simple device. Yes, I am the inventor and admittedly biased. It's my pleasure to share this science with you. It is my sincere desire to reduce smoking harm for cannabis patients and recreational users.

The PerfectPipe® really does stop the cough. It might take time to undo damage, but I am imploring you to trust the science. You will so appreciate the greatly reduced amount you will be smoking to acheive your desired level of cannabinoids, without burning your throat and lungs. Good health to you all.

We really do feel a family connection to our customers. Your appreciative testimonials fill us with happiness. Thank you for reading this page on Cannabis Smoking Health!

Take the 30 Day Challenge - Use the PerfectPipe® Exclusively for 30 Days
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Your throat and lungs will thank you!

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PreLoading for the Day
Easier than RollingActive Life Style

To Insert Filter:
Twist and Push The PerfectPipe®

To Insert Screen:
Bend screen just a little. The PerfectPipe® Screen must fit snug in bowl!
Leave a little bit of screen sticking out top of bowl. The PerfectPipe® Very Important!
Place tool sideways against backside of bend. The PerfectPipe®
Keep tool against this same point on the screen while pushing screen all the way down.

Screen will rotate & pop in place.

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