The PerfectPipe

The PerfectStill™

Make High Quality EDCE
(Ethanol Derived Cannabis Extract)

The PerfectStill

The PerfectStill™ with the accessory package provides all the tools you need to make Cannabis Full Extract, EDCE, from start to finish.

Isolates do not heal! - You need the complete profile from the plant!

Decarboxylate to perfection, either fully or partially depending on your desired level of acid elements (non-decarbed).

The PerfectStill™ replaces the Rotory Evaporator (RotoVap) for activated extracts.

Barometric pressure processing means No more loss of Alcohol, Fire Danger or Implosion!

Simple Distillation designed specifically for EDCE with Auto Shut Off.

Complete Alcohol Extraction and Processing Quide.

For Legal Use Only

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Coffee Filter

Rubber Gloves

Thermal Gloves